code of conduct

code of conduct pdf

Adopted by the Board of Directors in Akelius Residential Property AB (publ) 2021-08-17.

scope and application

This code

  • is the basis of Akelius’ business activities
  • determines Akelius’ success as a long-term, sustainable business
  • promotes excellence as Akelius’ corporate culture

This benefits all aspects of Akelius’ business activities.

Akelius is an esteemed employer and trustworthy partner to tenants, suppliers and society as a whole.

Akelius acts honestly and ethically.

This code applies to all Akelius’ Board members, management, consultants and employees.

Akelius requires all persons acting in cooperation with and on Akelius’ behalf including suppliers, business partners and sub-contractors to at all occasions follow the applicable parts of this code or their own equivalent standards of conduct.


Akelius acts in accordance with the following principles.

general principles

The Akelius group

  • respects the rule of law and acts in accordance with law and regulation in all countries where Akelius does business
  • conducts business with integrity and honesty
  • acts in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner
  • commits to continuously develop the safety and quality of services

anti-corruption and conflicts of interest

Akelius does not engage in cartels or other        
corrupt or competition limiting activities.       
Akelius does not accept or participate in the       
offering, request or acceptance of bribes,       
extortion or money laundering.

Akelius employees avoid situations in which       
their professional loyalty may come into conflict       
with personal interests and do not allow such       
interests to affect their professional judgement.

Akelius has an anti-corruption policy as an extension of the principles in the Code of conduct.

marketing and communication

All marketing and advertising shall be honest       
and consistent with what Akelius can provide.       
Akelius is committed to open and transparent       
communications subject to the rules applicable       
for stock listed companies.


Akelius’ properties shall be kept in good       
condition and fulfill the promise of better living       
as well as the reasonable expectations of       
Akelius’ tenants on standard and service.


Akelius does not tolerate discrimination or       
harassment of any kind or for any reason.       
Akelius’ employees work in an environment       
where equality is valued,       
and which is free from harassments,       
threats and discrimination.

human rights

Akelius supports and protects international       
human rights as expressed by the UN and other       
recognized organizations,       
particularly children’s rights.       
Akelius does not participate in human rights       
violations of any kind.


Akelius respects the right to privacy and       
personal information is processed only to the       
extent required for us to provide the offered       
products and services.


Akelius continually works to reduce       
environmental impact.       
Business is conducted on a long term basis to       
support a sustainable society.

Akelius integrates environmental considerations       
into business planning and decision making.       
Business relationships comply with local       
environmental legislation and strive to impose       
as little impact on the environment as possible.

working environment

Akelius only cooperates with business partners       
who provide their workers and employees with       
a safe and healthy work environment.

Akelius respects the rights and privacy of the       
individual and demonstrates good faith and       
mutual respect in dealings with employees and       
their representatives in the workplace.

Akelius provides a safe,       
healthy and inspiring work environment for all       
Akelius encourages all employees to live a       
balanced and active life.

working hours and remuneration

Akelius acts in accordance with applicable local       
regulations and industry standards on working       
hours and remuneration in the countries where       
Akelius does business.

shared values

Akelius works only with parties that share the       
values expressed in this code.       
Akelius reserves the right to terminate any       
cooperation where a business partner acts in       
violation of this code or its own equivalent       
standards of conduct.

The supplier code of conduct governs all Akelius' suppliers.


This code applies to all Akelius operations and       
employees worldwide regardless of function,       
grade or standing.       
Akelius’ business activities shall be continuously       
monitored in relation to this code.

All management executives and other       
supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all       
employees adhere to this code.

Akelius does not accept violations against this       
code and any such actions may lead to       
disciplinary measures including dismissal and       
This also applies to approval of such actions,       
whether expressed or silent.


All Akelius employees are encouraged to report suspected violations of this code to their nearest supervisor.       
If this is not applicable for whatever reason,       
the employee should contact the local Staff Department for assistance.

Employees, suppliers or other business partners can report a suspected violation against the Code of conduct anonymously through Akelius’ system for whistle blowing at

Violations can also be reported via

  • email to
  • mail to whistleblower, P.O. Box 38149,       
    SE100 64, Stockholm
  • telephone to +46 08 566 130 99

A meeting can also be arranged for submitting a whistleblower report, if requested.

Only the Chairman of the Board and the company’s General Counsel have access to the whistleblowing system and the other channels.

The anonymity of anyone who reports suspected misconduct in good faith will be protected.       
Please note that Akelius can only guarantee anonymity for whistleblowers who use Akelius’ system for whistle blowing.

False allegations or misuse of the whistle blowing channel procedure is in itself a violation against this code.